Magnificat Rosaries
 Heirloom Quality Hand Crafted Catholic Rosaries

Customer Testimony


The Rosary and tenner are beautiful.  Based on my previous purchases of rosaries and tenners, I expected them to be beautiful.  Once again, you exceeded by expectations. - BJL, Berwick PA

Got them!  Thank you SO much. They are beautiful!  I love them, and I love your story even more!  God Bless you.- CB, North Ridgeville, OH

Thank you so much, Lottie! The chaplet is beautiful, bigger and heavier than I thought it would be, and it came in a beautiful box with a great prayer book, etc. It's a pleasure to pray with it. Very carefully packaged too. I'm sure I'll be back to purchase something else in the future.- BD, Pawtucket RI

Oh, my heavens, this rosary is STUNNING!!   It is by far the most beautiful rosary I've ever seen in my life.  My wife will be brought to tears on Christmas morning.  The pearls, the amazing handcast from antique Our Lady  and Crucifix, the weight and the peerless workmanship are befitting of our Mother and my wife!! -RM, Coto de Caza CA

I received my rosary this afternoon and it is absolutely beautiful! The blue is brilliant and I love the weight of the Ave Maria center. Thank you again and God bless you and your talent in creating these timeless heirloom rosaries! - PH,  Rapid City SD 

I was absolutely thrilled when I received your email that the rosary had shipped and I must say, what I found in the package was far beyond what I could have imagined.  I was more than impressed with the quality of your work and finite attention to detail.  The color and quality of the pearls is just beautiful.  The medal and crucifix are very well defined and the styling complement each other exceptionally well.  I have to say, I consider myself somewhat of a perfectionist, so I took the time to evaluate the wire wrapping around each individual bead and would say it’s impressively well finished.  In a nutshell, I couldn’t be happier with the rosary – right down to every last little detail!!!  I’m thankful you have chosen to use the talents that God has blessed you with to help others draw nearer to Christ through our Blessed Mother. - SB, Saegertown PA 

OH MY GOSH!!!!! THE ROSARY IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!  Everyone has loved it.  I could not have asked for anything more beautiful and the quality of the pearls and their luster was superior.  I absolutely would recommend your work to everyone.  Superior and exquisite workmanship, quality and service!!  - AS, Franklin PA 

I received my rosaries today and just wanted you to know they are truly beautiful!  I love the malachite which is mine, and I know my daughter will love hers also.  They have a nice weight to them and are beautifully crafted.  Thank you so much for the work you do! - PH, Rapid City SD 

It is beautiful!!! Thank you and many blessings to you. - TB, APO AE

I have been remiss in not writing to share how thrilled I was to receive a family rosary you created for me at the request of my children. The very large piece incorporates appropriate colors for each family member and major events, like weddings. When my children presented it to me, I was overwhelmed not only with its beauty and quality but with the meaning of "having my family in my hands." This is definitely an heirloom item that I'll treasure and pass down to my daughter, who worked on the design with you. I have since passed your contact information on to many people, and I hope your work to provide beautiful rosaries to Catholics is thriving. - LB, Lenoir TN

I just wanted to write and wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for the beautiful rosary you made for me.  It is nothing short of stunning.  Thanks again. - GH, Santa Barbara CA

Thank you so very much for working so hard for me. The work was superb. I cannot say thank you enough. If ever you are in need of endorsements - that's if your own work is not enough endorsement, I should be more than pleased to do so. May you be mightily blessed this Christmas and for all of your life for the work you are doing with the perfection of these Rosaries. -  JL, Stockbridge, MA

I received the beautiful rosary that you made for me today! I cannot thank you enough for something so lovely that will help me to grow closer to Christ through Our Lady.  What a precious ministry hou have in making these!! I will remember you & your intentions when I pray miy first rosary on it. - BS, Fairfax VA

The bracelet came today, it's lovely!  My daughter loves it!  It was so nice doing business with you.  God bless. - LF, Albany NY 

I received the amber rosary yesterday.  Wow, it is amazing!  It is pretty even in low light but in brighter lighting it is amazing!  The natural properties of the amber combined with the large number of small facets on each bead cause the beads to almost seem to "glow" in bright light.  I also like the crucifix and center I picked for it.  Everything about it is perfect.  Thanks again! - MB, Pittsburgh PA

I received my new rosary today and it is more beautiful then I could have imagined. Many thanks for all your efforts and excellent workmanship.-  RD, New Port Richey FL

I received the rosaries, and they are very beautiful, as I knew they would be.  I am saving the Lapis rosary for my younger daughter’s First Holy Communion, and I know she will love it.  I absolutely love the details and your creativity.  These are truly one of a kind. - SK, Knoxville, TN

I just wanted to let you know that I received the white pearl rosary today.  Wow, it is gorgeous!  It is definitely by far the most beautiful rosary I own or have even held or seen in person.  Again, it is very well-made, just like the Coral rosary.  The crucifix and center piece are also very nice.  It is perfect in every way.  I am very much looking forward to praying with it for the first time on Easter. - MB, Pittsburgh PA

I received the rosaries today and they are both absolutely gorgeous. Thank you! - AI, Columbia MD

I received it. The rosary is beautiful, as always. Thank you! - AM, Boston MA

Magnificent! I picked up the rosary today and it is stunning. I love that the center and crucifix have both matte and polished surfaces.Thank you. Praying this rosary will be like being in a cathedral. Beauty matters!  On this, the Feast of St. Nicholas, - FF, Walled Lake MI

I received the rosary today!  Thank you!  It is beautiful! - JS, Coraopolis PA

I just wanted to drop you a quick note that I'm here in Rome and received Pope Francis's apostolic blessing on my rosary. The rosary is gorgeous and your suggestions to make it more personal and meaningful were absolutely spot-on!  I was so happy to have them for my trip to Rome in this Jubilee year! - DC, Jersey City NJ 

I just received my rosary today, it is absolutely beautiful. A great day to to receive it on, The Annunciation of the Lord. God has surely blessed you with this talent. Thank you. I have been looking at this rosary for years. Blessings to you. -  DWP,  Bowling Green KY 

The rosary arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful!  The pictures online just do not do it justice.  My daughter is thrilled and it is exactly how she envisioned it.  We will pray for God’s blessings on you and your ministry.  Thank you! - SK,  Knoxville TN

I have finally had a little time to look at the rosaries.  They are exquisite. Works of art.  I thought I would have a favorite but each is so special.  In the sunlight they are even more beautiful. The blue of the lapis is so intense. And Mary is dear and warm and inviting. I feel I am such a fortunate person to be able to have them with me and take care of them.  Thank you so much. - SS, New York, NY

My Mom received the rosary and called me immediately. she said  it is absolutely beautiful, beyond her expectations! She loves the color, the stone size and sparkle. She says it is brilliant. I told her God will always be able to find her now with such brilliance!  I will be able to see it in April when I visit her. I can't wait to see it. - JB, Oakland MI

I received the Rosary and love it, love love love it . the weight, and the length, the way the silver gets warm in my hand as I pray , it reminds of the one my dad gave me, I feel so at peace to have been able to replace it with one MADE OF SUCH GOOD QUALITY !!  I  appreciate the fact the caps are glued to the our father beads (unnoticeable to the eye), preventing friction between the beads and caps so that the beads are not damaged while  praying, and that all the silver findings are properly closed preventing snags on gloves and clothing.  No tool marks on the silver, no scratches or chips on the beads, consistent size on all the findings that were hand twisted and looped. (I'm so picky with quality, durability and detail when I purchase anything) ... you truly have an unbelievable talent. Much thanks and appreciation. - LO, Lancaster CA

I've just received the magnificent rosary you made for me...and must tell you how overwhelmed I am with its beauty!  The subtleness of the earth-toned stones and  the silver work are qualities that fill me with peace just looking at them.  I was also amazed at the length and weight of it.  Not only will I treasure this always, but will remember you in my prayers also. - JC, Havertown, PA 

I just had to tell you that you make beautiful rosaries and bracelets! I received my first rosary a year ago as a birthday present from my dearest best friend and fell madly in love with it. I've since ordered the Stella Maris bracelet (stunning), and two rosary bracelets (red coral and denim lapis). In addition to being beautiful, they bring me peace and calm. Thank you for your amazing work! - ED, Mount Sinai NY 

Just wanted you to know that I finally returned to Montreal and got the package with my beautiful rosary. It's so special, just perfect!! Thank you so much for all your efforts to help create this beautiful piece. And how nice to have it in time for Christmas! - CZ, Montreal CANADA

I received our rosaries yesterday and they are magnificent.   One was for my husband and he loves it and the other for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Thanks so very much for your expertise! -  LL, Lima OH

I received the rosaries today. The turquoise one was meant to be a Christmas gift for my neighbor, who kindly cares for my dog when I have to travel. I decided not to wait, and gave her the rosary just a short while ago, so she could enjoy right away.  To say that she LOVED it is an understatement.  She was amazed at the beauty, craftsmanship and the details telling the story of Juan Diego and our Lady of Guadalupe. I’ve never seen someone so happy. As for the Amazonite rosary, you outdid yourself! The Hail Mary and Our Father beads and caps are spectacular and the centerpiece and crucifix just blend in so beautifully. It’s a masterpiece. This is the seventh rosary I order from you and you never cease to amaze me. - BP, Bronx NY

Thank You so much. It is a beautiful work of art.  I will be placing another order for another bracelet pretty soon! - TV, Manteca, CA

Got it today.  It is so completely gorgeous. I really like it.  Thank you. - AC, Van Buren AR

I just received the first two rosaries and they are absolutely magnificent!  I can’t stop looking at them : )  - BP, Bronx NY 

Lottie, I received the bracelet, absolutely beautiful and now I will be looking at a rosary for myself and one for my granddaughter's first holy communiton. - MDW, Torrance CA 

The rosary arrived yesterday, it's absolutely beautiful, you are very talented.  Thanks so much! - LW, Frankfort IN

My beautiful Peace Jade rosary arrived in the mail.  I can't put into words how stunning it is. Your workmanship is simply "divine"! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us.  I will treasure this and pass it onto one of my sweet grandchildren - MH, Ft. Collins CO

Several years ago after much thought about its cost and design, I ordered one of your pearl rosaries.  Since then I have used, enjoyed and appreciated it just about every day. It replaced one given me by my grandmother for my First Communion and lost many years later when my handbag was stolen. I am so pleased with its beauty and quality and admire the work you do to honor our Blessed Mother. Thank you. - BA, Vernon, NJ  

I just picked up the rosary. It is wonderfully beautiful. I thank you for creating such an amazing gift for me to give to my bride. Thank you so much. -  JH, West Sacramento CA

I received my new rosary today...You my lady, are an artisan!  This rosary is beautiful.  The substitutions you suggested compliment the Larvikite stones quite nicely.  I can't wait to start praying on this rosary.  Thank you again for all your wonderful service.  God has certainly blessed you with a talent.  Blessings be upon you in all your work and mission.  I truly believe you have found your vocation. - DP, Brampton Ontario  

The bracelet arrived and its stunning! I am delighted with it. High quality! - BW, Cardiff, South Glamorgan UK

I have received the rosaries and I just wanted to let you know that they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! - BF, Crowley, LA

I wanted to let you know I received the very beautiful rosary.  I love it so much and thank you for creating such a beautiful and love filled rosary.  I will treasure this always.  Thank you so much. - GE, Lafayette IN

What a treasure you have made .... the lapis is incredibly beautiful and the silver fittings are just perfect.  You do such lovely work, Lottie!  I think I mentioned that I wanted the rosary for a very special gift, and I could not be more pleased. I'm also very happy with the Stella Maris bracelette.  I first saw your rosaries online a few years ago when I purchased the peace jade (#39) for myself ..... I love it.  We have two of your one-decade rosaries which we use every night and I have three other bracelettes.  I love the natural stones ....I know this sounds strange, but I'm sure that I can feel some of the energy that has gone into the stones while you were making these lovely creations. - WZ, Hamilton Ontario  

I received the rosary. It is very pretty; the cross and medal are lovely, and it is very easy to use. I am more than satisfied. Thank you for making something beautiful for God and for all the special care you put into the process, including the enclosed cases and careful shipping. Your story is moving. I pray daily for people in chronic pain, so I will remember you in my prayers. You honor Our Lady with your artful creations. - SM, Waynesboro VA 

Just received my rosary.  It's beautiful and a work of art!  You have definitely been blessed by God.  I've thought of making rosaries once I retire.  I will treasure this blessed rosary always. - VB, Quitman TX

I received the rosary in the mail today - wow - it's beautiful !  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift. I will use it everyday till my last day.- RFM, Springfield OH

I just had to tell you how beautiful the denim lapis bracelets are...with your exquisite attention to detail...they are of a very high quality. Your designs are always beautiful. I cannot thank you enough. I know my sister and sister-in-law will love them. - HS, Wallingford CT

The rosaries arrived Friday, and I picked them up yesterday. They are just beautiful. I met my parents and youngest sister today, and they all were in awe of the workmanship. - LM, Mentor OH

Just wanted you to know that we have the Rosary here in Medicine Hat. Thank you so much again for working with us. It is absolutely beautiful. Several of the girls at work saw it today. Everyone was so impressed by its beauty. We are more than pleased. - DM, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

Lottie--I got the rosary and it is beautiful!!! Way better in person than I ever expected! Very Happy! Thank you so much for sharing your talent--excellent workmanship :-)-MR, Loveland CO

The rosary beads just arrived. They are absolutely gorgeous! Each pair that comes are more beautiful than the ones before. After four pair now, you think I wouldn't be surprised …. but each is so unique and special. I'll be in touch for more for Christmas …. thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship and talent. - LM, Mentor OH

The rosary came today and it is so beautiful. Wow. Thank you. - AC, Bentonville AR

I just received the rosary you made and it is so beautiful! My daughter is going to be so happy with it! It is on it's way to getting blessed on Sunday! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us! - DS, Bennett CO

Thank you! Another beautiful rosary! My nephew will love it! It will make his day extra special. I'll be contacting you again in two years. I'll have to have one for my niece and youngest daughter making their first communions that year! - MP, Ellington CT

Just to let you know that I have received the rosary and it's exquisite. Thank you so much! - CR, Victoria Gozo MALTA

The rosary is absolutely stunning! It arrived yesterday! Thank you very much! God has blessed you with a beautiful talent and I am grateful to be on the receiving end of it. The rosary is so lovely that I want to keep it for myself, but will be very proud to give it to my daughter-in-law as a gift to her for being received into the Church making her First Communion & Confirmation at the Easter Vigil last week. I love your story in the brochure! - KD, Las Vegas NV

Good morning, Lottie! I was able to pick up the 3 rosaries from the Post Office this morning and they are so beautiful !!! Just the sort of special and prayerful thing which will be a life-long gift for my husband and his sponsor to commemorate my husband's baptism at the Easter Vigil. We are so excited and the rosaries are so very special. This afternoon, our wonderful parish priest, Msgr. Golden, is going to bless them for me! If it weren't for our Blessed Mother and the original rosary you made me years ago, I don't think my husband would be getting baptized this year. We say the rosary every morning. You will be in our prayers, Lottie! - MJ, Richmond VA

I've received the Peace Jade chaplet and it's beautiful! Love your craftsmanship and attention to detail. Well pleased! - KC, Pocatello ID

Thank you! so much for another beautiful bracelet. It is just as I envisioned and I love it. I offered my first rosary for you and your aching hands. I am grateful that making a rosary bracelet is easier on your hands :-) The bracelet in aventurine is a vision of Spring to me in our current wintry surroundings. I hope to order another one sometime soon to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. - CJ, Deep River CT

When I opened my mail and saw the package from you, I was intrigued by the weight of it. I thought, "Wow! This is going to be something else!" When I opened the package, I couldn't get over how beautiful the rosary was! The weight, the color, the Crucifix and center piece, everything is just beautiful! I find it so hard to give your rosaries away as gifts, I just want to keep them all for myself! Thank you again for another exquisite work of art!- KR, Santa Monica CA

I received the beautiful rosary. Thank you so very much! This one is for a very special niece. What a wonderful calling you have. - MJ, Richmond VA

I received the beautiful rosary you made for me! It is more beautiful than I imagined.....God bless your hands and heart. - JK, Singapore

I received the rosary and my bracelet yesterday on the Feast of the Assumption, what great timing! The rosary bracelet is beautiful (of course!) and has found a permanent place on my wrist! My mom just loved the rosary and spent time admiring every detail! Even after I gave it to her, I was talking to my dad (it was in the evening), and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her take the rosary and look at it again under the light of the lamp and admire it's beauty. Even my dad (a total Baptist) said it was very beautiful. They both especially liked the glass lampwork beads. You out did yourself...again! I know that the love and prayer that you put into the rosaries you make give them an incomparable beauty to any other rosary I've ever seen. With a grateful heart for the gift you have, Kathleen - Santa Monica, CA

Things have been so busy that I have not had the time to thank you for the beautiful pearl Rosary. I was hoping it would be lovely but seriously, this is beyond beautiful! I had it blessed this past week end at The Grotto of Lourdes In Emmitsburg MD. Thank you ever so much! - SR, Springfield VA

Lottie, the rosaries came and they are beautiful! Thank you for your fine craftsmanship. May God continue to bless you and may our Lady watch over you. - SP, Santa Paula CA

I received the rosaries on Friday. My Mom just loved them. Made her so happy. Have to tell you the pictures don’t do them justice, they are gorgeous. Thank You again. - DP, Kingston PA

The rosary is here. It is even more beautiful than on the web site. Special thanks for the box and little case. Indeed your heart and soul is in the work of making rosaries. May God Bless You. - MCP, London Ontario CA

I just wanted you to know you what a beautiful job you did creating such a special piece my granddaughter will remember always. Thank you for all you do with your wonderful talent. - CM, Franklin TN

I received the rosaries today. They are beautiful. Thank you so much! - CA, Conifer CO

I received the rosaries on Monday, and they were gorgeous, as usual. Thank you for your beautiful handiwork; it makes praying the rosary even more special. I will definitely be back for more. - EL, Black Hawk CO

The rosary arrived today. It was every bit as beautiful, and more so, than we expected. We will be giving it to our daughter at Easter. I’ll let you know her response. Thank you very much for the beautiful work. - DT, Portland OR

I received my Rosary today and I just love it! It's already been "inaugurated" and of course, dedicated in thanksgiving for two gifts: the first is just the gift of this incredibly wonderful prayer to us from our Blessed Mother; the second in thanksgiving for your talent and dedication in giving form to this prayer by your beautiful craftsmanship. God bless you with all that is good and holy! - KR, Santa Monica CA

We would like to tell you how beautiful the rosaries turned out. They have exceeded our expectations. Thank you for sharing the talents God has given you with us. We will share your work and web site with others. God Bless - M&KS, Morrow OH

I just received my Rosary and it is exquisite! It is such a beautiful piece of inspired (and inspiring!) art. I thank you so very much for the excellent quality of workmanship that you put into this Rosary, it shows. This Rosary is and truly will become a treasured heirloom within my family. - KR, Santa Monica CA

I just wanted to let you know that my brother absolutely loved his rosary. Thank you so much it is beautiful!!! - AR, Texas City TX

The Rosary arrived on Saturday OH WOW So Beauitful !!! It was very much so, heirloom quality, the pearl decades with the turquoise our fathers just perfect very pleased. Lottie you truly have a blessed talent. Thank You - Cheryl in NH

I received the black tourmaline rosary that you made for me earlier this week. It is really beautiful--even nicer than I imagined--and I can't tell you how happy I am with it. Thank you so much for the time you put into it! Thanks also for your stylistic suggestions--steering me away from using hematite beads and from trying to match a pardon crucifix with the ave maria center. The rosary looks so good the way it came out, I wouldn't want it any other way. It means a lot to me and I'm really glad that I stumbled onto your web site. You have a true gift. - BB, New York NY

I received my new rosary today and what a wonderful 42nd wedding anniversary present. Thank you for your time and effort. - EP, Mt. Pleasant SC

My rosary bracelet just arrived today! It is so exquisite - thank you for your beautiful work. I think it was a blessing that I found your site. I had been searching online forever for a very special rosary bracelet and perhaps Mary directed me to you. And I am so grateful. I wanted to have a beautiful bracelet not only for my spiritual needs, but also as a witness to my students who will definitely be noticing and curious about this bracelet. I love to give a silent witness to my faith whenever possible. Thank you for your talent so I can do just that! - CJ, Deep River CT

We received it (the amethyst rosary) on Monday. It is just beautiful, thank you. Our daughter loves it! What a gift you have! - SE, Tampa FL

I want to praise you for your work. My Mom fell in love with the (Rhodocrosite decade) rosary and carries it everywhere. - LG, Carson CA

Hello Lottie, I received my beautiful saltwater pearl rosary beads last week which my husband ordered from you for me. I am so pleased and happy with it. It truly is family heirloom quality.After unpacking it and examining and admiring it I immediately said the rosary on it and the first decade was offered up for you and your good health and intentions. Looking forward to ordering more of your beautiful handwork in the future. - MVO, Bosch Netherlands

Oh my Goodness Lottie the rosary is soooo beautiful!! the size and beauty of the construction is breathtaking. Thank you so much and God bless you :) -SG, Glenview IL

I received my rosaries today and they are stunningly beautiful! The pictures on your website are great but they are much more beautiful in person! Truly a work of art!! Thank you!! - CH, Muscle Shoals AL

Simply put, Thank you for the exceptional quality of your work. The combination of your artistry combined with your craftsmanship and the quality/design of the parts that you used in making the rosary and bracelet are, in my opinion, exceptional. I couldn't have been more pleased with the resulting product. Not only are both the rosary and the rosary bracelet fantastic looking, the tightness of the individual beads, the equality of the size of the individual loops, and the overall workmanship is outstanding. You did a GREAT job, and I thank you for it !!! If I ever again need awesome quality, I now know where to go to get it. I'll direct my business to you. - GM, Rocky Mount NC

I just wanted to thank you for a most beautiful rosary ever! I just received it and love it! - HS, Kingman AZ

Just received your rosary in the mail today and wanted to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful. You have truly found your calling, making these wonderful artifacts in praise of our God. You are extremely talented and when the Blessed Mother gave you her message, she was telling you to commemorate the mysteries of the Rosary in the masterful artwork of you hands as your glory to God. May it be God's will that through your work, you will inspire the recitation of the Rosary in many yet to come. God bless you and thank you for sharing you wonderful talent with me. - JH, Jacksonville FL

I received my rosary yesterday, just in time for Easter. It is simply gorgeous, and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making it. I will be ordering more rosaries from you in the future, and I will be in touch about the details soon. Thanks again, and Happy Easter!- EL,Black Hawk CO

My package just came, and I wanted you to know that I LOVE the rosary and bracelets!! Thank you:)
You will probably be hearing from me in the future. – KP, Delmont PA

The rosary is STUNNING. It's everything I had hoped for and more. It dances in the light, and the feel of the pearls is very soothing. I am also very pleased with the spacing between the Aves and Pater beads. At least now I won't lose my place when praying the rosary with the Rosary Group. The time spent with you going over all the details was well worth the time. My rosary is as unique and special as God created all people. Thank you, thank you. - JS, Cape May NJ

The rosary arrived Ash Wednesday and is simply gorgeous! The work is beautiful and, I imagine, painstaking. [name deleted] asked that when it arrived, I keep it a secret and surprise until her confirmation in October--so expect a thank you from her then! I cannot WAIT to give it to her!!! I asked our priest to bless it Friday, and he commented on its beauty as well. Thank you for your work and for using your gift from God for God's and Mary's greater glory. – EB, Knox PA

Received the rosary and it is more beautiful than I anticipated Thank you so much. My husband will be so happy and surprised. I don't know if I will be able to wait until June to give it to him. It is truly a work of art. May God continue to bless you with your talents. – HR, Valparaiso IN

I received the rosary and they are absolutely beautiful. The workmanship is amazing. My mother in-law loves them and I know she will cherish them. Thank you very much. – PS, New South Wales, Australia

I wanted to let you know that I received all three rosaries and they are all absolutely lovely. Thank you ever so much. I am so glad there is someone like you that can make such beautiful prayer beads. It really is nice to pray with such lovely beads. – JE, Oakdale NY

We just received our rosary yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful! Our mother is going to just love it and appreciate the amazing quality and workmanship that went into it! My husband is an artist also and he thought it was an amazing piece! – SH, Waterbury VT

The rosary arrived yesterday (Friday) and I wanted to let you know that I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. It is absolutely beautiful and the quality of the materials and the attention to detail in its construction are impeccable. I can see why you call these "heirloom quality"- I have no doubt it will last far longer than I will on this earth. Thank you for all that you do! – BJ, Fredericksburg VA

I just took in my mail and, lo and behold, there was my absolutely beautiful opalite rosary. I don't know which I liked better - the fact that opal is my birthstone or that the Roman chard may have been there when the Blessed Mother and Jesus were walking about in that area. I had so many reasons for purchasing that rosary, but it is truly beautiful. Thank you ever so much for it. I am going to take it to Charleston where I always meet our friends for the holy hour at their church. It will be used well over the next two weeks. You, of course, will be remembered when I pray that rosary. Thanks again - JE, Oakdale NY

I received my new rosary yesterday. It was everything that I had hoped for and more. I am sure that our prayers to our Mother using your rosaries are the closest thing to celestial music we can muster in this life. It is a thing of beauty and as such is a constant reminder of the magnificence and importance of our prayers. I will offer my first rosary Wednesday evening after Fr. Dave blesses it. I will say it to honor whatever personal intentions you may have. Thank you again. – LP, Ionia MI

Just a quick note from Canada to let you know that the bracelets and the Irish Penal Rosary arrived this morning. I expected them to be lovely .... and they are. I wear very little jewelry and I've never worn bracelets, but I will wear these ..... because they are so unique and they have such special meaning. Once again, many thanks for your sharing your time and talent in this special way. I love your beautiful rosaries and I know I will order again. - WZ, Hamilton ON

I just received my rosary this morning.....and it is beautiful. The workmanship is the best I have seen on any rosary. I really appreciate how timely you crafted it and shipped it out. I can feel that every rosary you make you make from the heart and each one is like a piece of your love going out to the world. I truly thank you, Lottie...........I think I would like to order the pearl/shell rosary you offer, but I have to wait a bit before I order it. Your rosaries are so unique and special.....thank you, Lottie........I will be writing you soon again for another rosary You truly make the most beautiful rosaries I have ever seen. Thanks again, - HS, Wallingford CT

I don’t order online often, but you have been one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever had the pleasure of ordering from and working with. THANK YOU! It means a lot! I didn’t originally intend to order so much from you-but your work is gorgeous and I know my friends will love their gifts. I know I am very pleased and excited about my Stella Maris coming in a few weeks! Like I said, it gives me something to happily look forward to (the shells and crucifix on that design are gorgeous)! - DL, Midlothian VA

My stunning, one-of-kind, Lapis-Lazuli, rosary was delivered yesterday. It is an exquisite work of love and beauty. The many hours spent to create it will surely be a blessing to you. I unconditionally recommend a Magnificat rosary to anyone that is seeking an heirloom quality, high grade, impeccably constructed object of faith. A one-time, forever, investment. Hail Mary !! - JP, Moore SC

I received my rosary today and what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing it is! I am so very overwhelmed by the workmanship and quality of your creation I can't put it in words. Thank you so much for this treasure. I am going back onto your site and ordering another one for my daughter! - LC, Murrieta CA

I received my rosary today, WOW it is absolutely stunning!!! Thank you so much, I feel like its a museum piece. I read your pamphlet.... What a moving story you have to share. I wept when I read it. I am blessed that the LORD led me to your wonderful web site, I now know why! My first rosary I said with it I included you in my intentions.... Blessings to you and yours, Lord willing I will see you in heaven. - DS, Eugene OR

Wanted to let you know the rosaries got here this morning. They literally took my breath away! They're beautiful! I can't wait for my girls to see them when they get home from school this afternoon. Thank you so much! I don't think I can even find the words to say what I'm feeling. God has truly given you a wonderful gift. Continue to be blessed! - DB, Bridge City TX

I received the Rosary today. It is beautiful! Absolutely perfect! Words can not describe my wife's reaction. Our family says a "daily decade" together every night and my wife usually gets in a full Rosary sometime during the day. Her love for her kids and dedication to the Rosary is the perfect combination. - NL, Fredericksburg VA

My rosary arrived yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful, it exceeded my expectations. I am very much looking forward to the second one. - SH, North Pole AK

I received the rosary this week. The beauty and quality is unlike any rosary I've ever seen. It will be an heirloom in my family for many generations! It is so awesome. Defintely worth the wait! You do great work. Thanks so much!!!!!! - PB, Hackberry LA

Thank you, Lottie. We are always more than pleased with your work. Your rosaries are my favorite thing to give as Confirmation gifts. God Bless you. - JC,Ashland OH

The beautiful rosary arrived today, what a treasure! Thank you for the time you spent to make them and I enjoyed reading about how you got into making them. God bless you. - CE, Fillmore CA

I received the bracelet today and it is beautiful. Thank you so much, I will be ordering from you again. I gave the bracelet as a gift and she loved it so much she asked for your site. She wants to order as well. - JC, Frewsburg NY

The rosary arrived today. It is extremely beautiful! Thanks for the great product and the excellent communication. - SE, Hutchinson MN

Your Rosary arrived this afternoon, and it is just...beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you so very much for making this for me! - RM, Philadelphia PA

I received my rosary's beautiful. Nobody can make a rosary like you do. As you know I collect them. I had it blessed today. Father Vince asked me where I have been getting my rosaries. He has blessed most of them over the years. Lottie, I am so glad God put you where you are today. No one can come close to your custom rosaries. I never look anywhere else on the internet...Your the best! It's like Christmas every time I receive one. Thank you so much for putting such love in each one of them. - LB, Indianapolis IN

The rosary arrived! What a surprise to receive the finished piece. And, how very beautiful it is! Absolutely gorgeous, in fact. I'm so happy I found your website and I felt so comfortable ordering this important gift from you. I could just "feel" your spirit. God bless you, and thank you so much for exceeding my expectations! - KJ, Round Top TX

My Rosaries came today and they are perfect The colors that come out in the Roman Shard center and cross are unbelievable! And the fire of the beads is something you have to see to believe! I have never seen anything like this particular rosary! PERSONALLY, I think it is the most beautiful rosary that you have on your website. I love both of my new rosaries and will love using them to pray with! You do beautiful work! A very pleased continuing customer! - LC, Saltillo MS

The rosary is absoultely stunning. It is quite larger than I imagined. Amazing. I took it to my Mother on my way home from work today.She could not have more pleased. Thank you so much for being part of this very special occasion. - SGS, Williamsburg VA

Today was a great day, I received my rosaries! They are just exquisite, and I know I will be thrilled to pray with the Our Lady of the Snows one! - DE, Eau Claire WI

We received the rosaries for the childen today. They are truly beautiful. They feel incredible in hand and capture the light magnificently! Thank you for all you did for my daughters rosary. I truly appreciate all you did. In this hectic time of year where so much pulls us in so many directions, it was a rosary that my daugher wanted most. A beautiful message from a beautiful child to seek what is meaningful, peaceful and important. Thank you for creating rosaries that are so beautiful, magnificent, and inspiring. - S&DS, Scituate, MA

I received my new rock crystal quartz rosary. It is beautiful and as you said, it has a smooth and quiet feel to it. I was surprised by the size as I have been praying on a "baby" rosary for years. I will appreciate having a rosary I can fall asleep with, without having it fall apart. - JR, Hudson FL

I received your rosary today. and it is absolutely beautiful! it's more than I imagined, and truly a work of art. There is no doubt that I will be ordering from you again in the near future. - EP, Ventnor NJ

Got the rosaries today - wow - incredible quality of workmanship! I LOVE them. I really love the feel of the turquoise and the garnet rosaries -- Weight is nice on top of great appearance. The Penal rosary is perfect -- medal and crucifix are really nice and that stone is mind-blowing. The Garnet is everything I wanted. Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent with me - we share a prayer life now through your rosaries. I will likely be carrying that penal rosary everywhere. I love it. - DV, Milledgeville GA

I just wanted to thank you so much for my beautiful Rosary, As always, it is truly magnificent and I love it. Each of the Rosaries you have made for me are so very special. My sister and my niece are always telling me how much they love their special Rosaries as well. - LM, Studio City CA

We received the rosary and it is absolutely beautiful! My husband loved everything about it. You have a true talent for what you do. I'm sure you will have some repeat business from me. Thank you. - AR, Texas City TX

I have to tell you, Lottie, your website does not do your rosaries justice. I was blown away by how beautiful and substantial my new rosary is. The craftsmanship is exquisite and it's all just really more than I hoped for. This is my first rosary and I know I will cherish it forever. Thank you so much for all your beautiful work. - TW, Burlington VT

The rosary is absolutely gorgeous! I am so impressed with the workmanship and the quality of the stones and casting. You are truly a blessed with an incredible gift. Thank you so much. I will treasure it forever! - TM, Putnam CT

I received the rosary today........I could not believe the quality and workmanship that went into it. I am very please with how the rosary came out. More than I had expected. - DG, Somersworth NH

My rosary is absolutely beautiful and I never would have known that it was even possible to create something like that if I hadn't seen all of your lovely pictures of the many rosaries! You have truly been blessed with a wonderful imagination! I have seen many rosaries, some with gemstones, but none with the Quality that I have found on your site! I have literally sat with the rosary you made and just held the rosary, and finding comfort in the holding! - LC, Saltillo MS

My daughter and my son sent me one of your incredible rosaries for my birthday and Mother's Day. It is the "Ocean Jasper" rosary. It is just stunning and a gift I will treasure forever. I am a mother of six children and a devout Catholic. I so loved to read your own personal story as my mother was a convert to Catholicism. I will keep your site on my favorites for gifts in the future. - JV, Leesburg VA

The rosary came today! It is BEAUTIFUL! It's EXACTLY what I was hoping for! It's so nice to be able to give my son a rosary at the beginning of his vocation that will last him throughout his whole life as a priest. Thank you again for the incredible job you did. I am so happy with it and I know (he) will be also. You are awesome! - JP, Chapel Hill NC

The rosary arrived safely today. Thank you so much! It is stunning! The weight and lovely smoothness of the pearl beads feel so good! I just got my son to bed and will now pray. I will pray for you! God bless you and your wonderful work. - NB, Albuquerque NM

I received the hematite decade rosary on Friday of last week and I absolutely love it. It is not only beautiful but precious and I know my boyfriend will treasure it greatly. Thank you so much! - GC, Monroe LA

I recently ordered two of your designer rosaries and they truly are beautiful. The quality is superb and they will always be special to us. Thank you for making such beautiful pieces of art. I always was looking for rosaries with the larger "Our Father" beads but could never find any until yours. - LM, Studio City CA

I received the rosary today. It is absolutely gorgeous--all that I had hoped it would be. I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful piece of artwork that I will cherish the rest of my life. I say the rosary everyday and am a member of several prayer groups. This is such a special gift to honor our Lord and Mary with while praying. Thank you and God be with you. - JJ, Lincolndale NY

I received the rosary today and it’s just stunning. Thank you so much. - AH, Lancaster CA

I got the package yesterday – the rosary is gorgeous – you do great work!! I will def recommend you to people!! - SC, Cranford NJ

I received the rosary today and I can't tell you how beautiful it is! I love the weight and feel of it and knowing it was created for me makes it so special. You do such lovely work, I hope others find you and your very beautiful creations. My heartfelt thanks for this beautiful rosary. - EW, Valley Stream NY

Lottie, it's beautiful!! I got it yesterday and had to give it to (her) right away so she could have it for Ash Wednesday. She cried when she saw it, she was so touched. Thank you again for helping me make her birthday special with something she'll treasure. God Bless! - LF, St. Petersburg FL

We received the rosary in the morning mail. It is a work of art! Your pix don’t even begin to show its beauty and the workmanship is lovely. - CE, Millford PA

I received the Rosary yesterday, and it is gorgeous. - TB, Lake Mary FL

Received the rosary on Friday and it was just as you described. My wife and I are very pleased with the workmanship and materials used. - DR, Cleveland MS

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Rosary and am so pleased. What beautiful work you do, thank you! My first Rosary said on this new Rosary will be said for you. - NF, Sacramento CA

My rosaries arrived today and they are both beautiful. Thankyou very much they will make wonderful gifts for my mother and aunt. I will pass your site on to others. - CPM, Maumee OH

My wife's rosaries arrived today, they were gorgeous and she says they are more beautiful than in the pictures. I'm sure that I will be getting in touch with you in a couple years to get my daughters rosaries from you. Thank You and God Bless You - TL, Pensacola FL

The rosary is wonderfully beautiful. The cross with flowers and Mary center with flowers have an organic consonance with the very nature of the rosary; spending time in the garden of roses cultivates the blooming of our own spiritual roses. The whole experience encourages me to hope for and frequent the inner spiritual garden. Thank you for making this rosary. - BJ, Aurora IL

The rosaries for the guys and the bracelets arrived. They are all beautiful. We were astounded at the powerful look the guys' rosaries had! It was hard to say which we liked more. They are very happy with them. The red agate is really beautiful and classy with the Bali silver Our Fathers; however, we just love the lapis rosary and the dichroic glass beads, too. The only bad thing about this is that a domino effect has started and everyone wants something. We all keep wanting to touch each other's rosaries and pray on them. Just seeing the variety of beautiful stones seems miraculous in itself. How could anyone not believe in a living God, when His works tell of His glory? - AB, Moore OK

I received the rosary I ordered today. It is beautiful!! I am very pleased, thank you very much. - JC, Hugoton KS

The rosary and rosary bracelet arrived and are perfect! thankyou. - CC, Dallas TX

I received my rosaries today. They are BEAUTIFUL, as I knew they would be. You’ve been blessed with an artful gift in making rosaries. Thank you for sharing your gift with me!! God Bless You Always! - DE, Kennewick WA

I just got the rosary and it is beautiful! As every piece you make! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! May the grace of God be with you always! - EZ, Chapel Hill NC

I just wanted to let you know that the rosary came today, and it is just beautiful! Thank you for your promptness in getting it to me. My daughter is going on Retreat and I can't wait to give it to her as a remembrance of her retreat and, hopefully, her newfound closesness to the Holy Spirit. - EM, Victoria TX

First of all, I was so touched by your story. I'm so glad that you included that information in your pamphlet. You have an incredible testimony! Second of all...the rosary is just lovely. The caps are perfect, the cross and center are perfect... It's feminine, delicate and...lovely. Perhaps this is an odd reaction but...I want to learn how to make these too :) - AD, McAllen TX

Just to let you know I picked up the Rosary from the post office today & I am very happy with it. You do lovely work. Thank you & I look forward to receiving your news letters & e-mails. - JH, Virginia Beach VA

I just got the rosaries and they are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much! I love the aventurine color -- it's perfect. Very, very nice!! - LK, Closter NJ

I have received the smoky! I think that by now you know that I have found all the rosaries you have made for me spectacular. However, I think you outdid yourself on this one. This one is beyond words. I think I have to say that it will be my favorite. Thank you so much for this work of art. - LQ, Miami FL

I received this rosary today. It is beautiful. Once again you did a great job. You deserve a golden star. God Bless You! - MA, Las Vegas NV

I just want you to know I received my rosaries and I am so pleased...they are beautiful. I am taking them to Mass with me to have them blessed. I truly believe "Our Blessed Mother" is guiding you. Thanks Again...and I will be ordering more later. God Bless. - LB, Indianapolis IN

I got my garnet and pearl rosary today and I am so thrilled with it! It is simply magnificent! From the size and quality of the garnet beads to the exquisite detailing, I love the capped pater beads, the little spacers, the beautiful crucifix and center medal! It is just so beautiful and I am so happy. - JD, East Northport NY

This is late in the coming but I wanted to thank you very much for the rosaries for my mom and papa. They LOVE them. They said they are absolutely beautiful. - NO, Eagle Point OR

The rosary just arrived, and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much. I am sending it to my mother-in law next week, as she is becoming a Catholic this Easter. I know she will deeply appreciate it. Your work is lovely... - RB, Albany GA

I received my rosary today, and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for your hard work. My prayer is that God continues to bless you in your work. - TT, Lebanon OR

I received my rosary in the mail yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for making it and sending it to me. I am sure that I have one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful rosary in all of South Africa! Many, many blessings to you in your life and work. - WB, Mooi River, South Africa